About Amanda

AmandaPilates for Equestrians and Pilates for horse riders

About Amanda

Amanda studied Pilates over the last 15 years, and became fascinated by the mind and body connection, linking relaxation, improved concentration, moving well and "feeling good" following exercise.

Amanda experienced benefits in horse riding, training her horse for dressage and finding the improvements in her body position and balance directly related to her horse's performance. Through gaining greater control over her own movement, her riding technique improved significantly.

Through work as a Marketing Manager she found Pilates helps relaxation and improves concentration leading to better results in the office. 

She enjoys coaching and developing individuals, helping them identify and achieve goals to reach their full potential.

Amanda's professional qualifications

Amanda is Body Control Pilates, REPS Level 3 qualified and has completed additional specialised Body Control Pilates qualifications to teach Pregnant clients, Older clients (her clients' ages range up to 90 years young!), and has qualified Level 3 Bone Health with a further specialism in Scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and achieved a Level 3 qualification in Exercise Referral plus becoming a Back4Good practitioner. 

In addition she enjoys challenging clients with a range of small Pilates equipment, keeping classes personalised and fun. 

She is Master Matwork qualified to progress clients safely through Intermediate to Advanced level matwork. This builds strength, precision, and stamina to develop the ability to perform the more advanced movements.

In addition she offers private sessions on Pilates studio equipment - Cadillac, Reformer and Ladder Barrel all based at Winfarthing. 

The Reformer and Cadillac repertoire challenge mind and body in a 'closed chain' environment, this aids the identification of faulty biomechanics and assists functional movement in good alignment. The machine helps to develop strength and flexibility by providing variable resistance.

Body Control Pilates practitioners follow a policy of ongoing development and have an international teaching support network.

AmandaPilates Body Control Pilates teacher REPS 3 qualified, Scoliosis, Pregnancy Level 3 qualified, Exercise Referrals Level 3 qualified

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