Body Control Pilates

Lynne Robinson Co-founder of Body Control Pilates, Book Pilates for Life

Body Control Pilates

Body Control Pilates was developed by Lynne Robinson a teacher who learnt Pilates initially in Australia, she did not find Pilates easy to learn, on returning to the UK Lynne used her teaching talents to devise a new teaching method.

Breaking the Pilates Advanced movements down into simple bite-sized chunks means everyone can learn easily and build their core stability, while developing technique and the stamina needed for more advanced movements.

Lynne Robinson quote from Pilates Plus Diet

It's never too late to improve your body, as Lynne explains in her book "Pilates Plus Diet"

"Never say never...about 98 per cent of your body's molecules, including muscles, bones, teeth and organs, are totally rebuilt each year. In fact:
 • Your skin is just one month old
 • Your blood is about three months old
 • The protein in your muscles is less than six months old"

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