Pilates clients say

Pilates clients say...

For someone who has had an on/off relationship with back pain for 40 years I feel very fortunate to have discovered firstly, Pilates and secondly, Amanda who manages to make the classes very entertaining whilst enabling me to achieve exercises which at first seem impossible, benefiting both body and mind. 

I almost look forward to the classes! 

Pilates has given me a better idea of good posture how to stand tall and to breathe deeply, while stretching and the movement of joints is easing my shoulder and neck discomfort.  
Pilates is to me a great slow and controlling way to feel good.

I really enjoy Amanda’s classes, I have become more aware of my posture and core strength because of Pilates and it is easy to incorporate into everyday activities. The classes are sometimes challenging, which is good, but always enjoyable.


I wanted to find an exercise class that would improve my posture and strengthen my core muscles. I work in Diss and needed a class that would fit into my lifestyle and found “Amanda Pilates” so I joined her class in the summer last year. Within a few months I could feel the difference. My sister lives abroad and came back for Christmas and the first thing she said was how much better I looked, standing straighter with my shoulders upright. The exercises are so gentle and subtle that you don’t even notice the changes to start with, but you soon feel the benefits. I feel so much stronger that I went for a seven mile bike ride and felt really good! Amanda delivers a really good class and will only push when she can see you are able. There is no pressure to keep up, you just work at you own capability and then reap the rewards. I highly recommend Amanda if you want to improve your posture and core muscles and feel better about yourself.

Sue, New Buckenham

As a health professional I am aware how extremely important it is to maintain my fitness and movement as I get older. I joined Amanda's Pilates classes because I had heard good feedback about this form of exercise. I feel so much more flexible and stronger due to the classes. Amanda is so positive in her attitude and makes sure that she gives individual attention to each class member to help them get the best from the movements. I have also recently started having one to one sessions with Amanda using the Reformer equipment and have found this very beneficial in terms of improved posture and learning how to maintain this. Amanda is so enthusiastic about Pilates which she teaches with great professionalism and skill. 

Lesley, Pulham St Mary

I started Pilates 2 years ago now with Amanda when I'd lost all confidence in my body and it's abilities. With Amanda's small classes, support and encouragement I have found a new confidence in my body's strengths and abilities. I have made new friends and the hour's class provides a welcome break from our often hectic lifestyles where we neglect ourselves. Amanda is always there to chat to if we have specific questions or needs. 

Nathalie, Mendham
I have been coming to Amanda's Pilates classes for about 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy them. Amanda is a great teacher who gives excellent feedback and I feel as though I have made good progress. The group is a good size and although we work hard we have fun doing it. 

Claire, Rickinghall
Amanda tailers your classes to your capabilities, there is no pressure to compete with others. The gentle exercise benefits a lot of different health conditions and Amanda is very knowledgable about the dos and donts to benefit your health. I thoroughly recommend these classes. 

Karen Diss

I cannot praise Amanda enough. Her encouragement and attention to detail of the individual physical problems we each encounter is outstanding. The weekly classes are conducted in a professional, friendly and humorous manner. I have spine problems but thanks to Amanda's recommendations can manage this on a day to day basis at home between classes.

R, Old Buckenham
They (Classes) are small, very well run and organised by a teacher who has our best interests at heart, individual attention and gets results. One of the nicest things about Amanda is that she is approachable, always willing to listen help and advise and is a genuinely nice person. You don't feel like you are one of a mob so to speak

Amanda, Winfarthing

Amanda classes are always friendly, she is very professional,and has always got time to help you if needed. 

Linda Wilson. Tivetshall
Amanda is great fun and has a depth of professional knowledge which is impressive. i.e. Knows her stuff! I can tell pilates has made a big difference to my mobility and flexibility. 

Elaine, Brockdish
First time in my life I have been consistent in attending an exercise class, it says it all. Amanda is fun but strict. She will always make sure to rectify wrong postures. She is attentive to our needs. All in all, extremely professional who knows what she is doing.


I love the classes! Amanda is very accommodating with existing injuries or problems and is always able to provide an alternative exercise that still feels beneficial. I always feel very relaxed when the class is finished and can definitely see (and feel!) how my core strength has improved 

Sam, Old Buckenham

Pilates helps me to be more aware of my posture, it also makes me conscious of positioning my limbs and joints when lifting, sitting etc. 

After classes I always feel good about myself in body and mind.

I joined Amanda's Pilates sessions three months ago. My weekly, one hour, sessions have helped to strengthen my back and improve my overall flexibility. The results from these enjoyable sessions have also improved my intermittent, long term, back problems.

I am writing this testimonial as it may give others with similar back issues the confidence to give pilates a try.


"Under careful, gentle instruction Amanda guides you through your exercises working on the weaker points in your body. The machine supports your body whilst working and under instruction this builds your confidence. An hour flies by and the exhilaration at achieving and feeling the benefits of what you have achieved have to be tried to be appreciated..."
"...all I can say is this machine and Amanda have helped me achieve things I didn't think I could do. It's brilliant for confidence and for my body, and makes me more agile. It's very easily addictive and I'll certainly be going back for more..."
Simmie, Diss

I have been attending AmandaPilates for about four years and it has made a huge difference to my core stability and has meant that I no longer need regular treatment for my back. It's a fun class and Amanda is incredibly skilled at showing how to do the exercises as well as demonstrating how not to do them (which is even harder). She is an excellent teacher.

Catherine, Fritton.

The classes are small and friendly, and within each class Amanda adjusts any particular exercise to the needs and abilities of the individual. 

Sue, Starston
I have noticed a real improvement in my flexibility and agility since attending Amanda's Pilates classes. Her relaxed style and personal attention make each class a pleasure to attend. 

Jennie, Winfarthing
Amanda class has enabled me to continue to work following back surgery, given me confidence with my mobility and a new group of friends. 

Bernadette, Pulham Market.
I began group lessons with Amanda in 2014, after the birth of my first child. It surprised me how quickly my pelvic floor and abdominals started to feel normal again after a heavy baby and forceps delivery. Amanda tailored the movements to suit me post-natally and was supportive and full of information with regard to any questions I had.

Due to the support given I attended lessons throughout my second pregnancy in 2016. Amanda again tailored movements to my ability at each point and I feel that continuing Pilates during pregnancy helped keep my pelvic floor, abdominals, and posture 'in shape' for an easier recovery after the second baby. The first lesson back after the birth I couldn't feel my pelvic floor at all but it has improved weekly.  

Amanda is full of information, experienced, and knowledgeable but she also makes the lessons enjoyable and it is obvious that she has a passion for Pilates. 


Many moons ago, I did Yoga whilst travelling around Australia, i had a lovely instructor, but only stayed in that area for a couple of months. On returning to the UK I looked into joining up again, but didn't really like the instructor or method of teaching.
Life moved on and I took up Martial Arts, which I did for many years till the body told me to stop. From there I concentrated on my other hobby of Motor Racing.
After many years of bashing myself about, I came to the conclusion I needed a more sedate past-time.
I joined Amanda locally after a few emails, I didn't actually know anything about Pilates but I'd heard it was good for your 'core' and as a previous Martial Artist, I understood this was essential.

Amanda is lovely and very knowledgeable, the groups are small and friendly, I attend a 'beginners' class which has improved the confidence in my ability.

I've noticed improvement in my 'Core' and range of movements in the short time I've been attending.

I would completely recommend Amanda and Pilates to everyone, and already do.

"A friend and I have been attending classes with Amanda for about 18 months.  She is a patient and caring person with a good sense of humour, which she needs sometimes with some of the exercises.

I know that parts of my body are much stronger and more flexible from attending the class. Come and improve your core strength and meet some new people."


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