Who can pilates help

AmandaPilates movements for office workers, rehabilitation, older clients, equestrians, horse riders, back ache, pregnancy, relaxation

Who can Pilates help

Pilates is now taught close to home - in church halls, and other local venues. For many clients it is an enjoyable, sociable exercise class to help them stay mobile, and some clients will progress onto intermediate and advanced Pilates movements.

Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors to help clients rehabilitate after injury and certain back problems, its focus on quality movement in good alignment, proves an ideal form of exercise to help recovery.

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If you work in an office, Pilates offers space to focus on yourself to release the aches of sedentary lifestyles, mentally it is relaxing as well as taxing!

Older clients find later in life, ageing affects our bodies, movement can become more limited, Pilates provides a sociable way to stay healthy and mobile.
For Horse riders, Pilates gives you more control over your body, builds core stability, and improves alignment.

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